Bead Bracelet with Meaningful Message Card & Gift Box

Truth be told, you can never go wrong with a gift that is well thought of, however simple or small it is. This rings entirely true with this Bead Bracelet by the Nesting Nomad Collection. A wonderfully minute but very thoughtful gift specifically designed for a person in your life who is celebrating their 60th birthday, this bead bracelet is more than what meets the eye.

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Detailed information about Bead Bracelet with Meaningful Message Card & Gift Box

It is also adorned with a little silver heart charm that basically serves as the reminder that they are loved unconditionally and wholly. As if that is not enough to pull on their heartstrings, this beautiful bracelet comes with a heartwarming note that says “Through the ages, the lapis lazuli stone has been worn to attract wisdom, power, and truth.

As you reach the milestone of your 60th year, wear this bracelet as a reminder to share your abundant wisdom and truth with the world. And, may the tiny heart remind you of the love and appreciation which surround you always.”


Small but very thoughtful gift

Stretchy, so bracelet can fit in wrists of all shapes and sizes

Comes in a nice gift box and a printed, heartfelt message that will touch your recipient’s heart