Bath Bomb Making Kit by DIY Gift Kits

Ladies, every so often it feels good to unwind, relax, and just breathe for a few moments. The struggles can be real, from dealing with work not to mention being a mom. Being a mom is hard work. We sometimes just need to spend little ways away from our family. It’s not that we don’t love them, it’s just that were tired. With that said, why not take a little trip to the spa? It is the perfect solution for unwinding and feeling at peace. But wait, spas cost a bunch of money that you may not have. Not only that but then you need to make appointments and you may not get it. What if you don’t have to worry about that? What if you can bring the spa home? Well, you can. You can in a way that is not only cheap but also very fun! How may you ask? Well, you will find out as we proudly introduce to you the Bath Bomb Making Kit!

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Detailed information about Bath Bomb Making Kit by DIY Gift Kits

So, what is the Bath Bomb Kit by DIY Gift Kits? Well, it is a kit that provides you with everything you need to make 12 lush, beautiful, bath bombs. Each ingredient in the kit is 100% all-natural, 100% pure organic, family-friendly materials. The only 'extra' thing you would need for this kit would be your hands, a spoon for mixing, and possibly a mixing bowl. Other than that, everything you need is all in the kit, including a step-by-step instructions sheet with tips to help along the way. So, just what exactly is in the kit? Well, the kit includes exactly 12 cupcake molds; a bag of baking soda; a bag of citric acid; a bag of cornstarch; a bag of Epsom Salt; a recipe card; a tips and tricks card; a pair of gloves; a spray bottle; a mesh bag for storing the bath bomb; and 4 essential oils which consist of grapefruit, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and lavender. Each Essential Oil is 100% therapeutic grade quality as well as genuine oils; no artificial scents or vegetable oil fillers. Each bath bomb recipe has also been tested hundreds and hundreds of times, quite literally, to ensure each recipe will turn out perfect each and every time!