Aussie Favorites Gourmet Care Package

Do you know anyone who would love to have a taste of Australia even if they are miles away from there? Or, are you looking for a tasty treat for the host, or a family member or a friend? Or do you simply want to treat your loved ones or friends just because you can?

How about you spread the love to the people you care about with this gourmet gift basket filled with Aussie favorites from Koko Koala Australia? This package will be the ultimate treat and a perfect way to indulge and delight in these yummy treats.

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Detailed information about Aussie Favorites Gourmet Care Package

If you live in Australia, and you happen to have a friend who lives elsewhere or visiting for the first time, this gift box will be a perfect way to share Australian yummies and let them sample delight and indulge in the deliciousness of this tasteful selection.

The gift box would be the ultimate gift idea to send to homesick family members or friends who are staying far away from home (Australia) and definitely need a reminder of home. You can be sure this gift basket will be received with lots of love, and they will get to enjoy a taste of home even when they are miles away from home.


A box filled with infamous Vegemite, Cadbury chocolates, delicious cookies among other Australia favorites

The treats come in a beautiful presentation in an elegant gift box