Antique-Like Compact Mirror

Ask any teenaged girl what a ‘compact mirror’ is used for and they will probably look at you with a blank expression. In the days before everyone had a smartphone and were able to look at their own face and do their own makeup via the phone’s camera and screen, girls and women used to carry around what was known as a ‘compact mirror’. Whenever makeup needed to be touched up or adjusted, out would come to the small folding mirror. Some of these compact mirrors were extremely well made and many had extremely sophisticated designs on their cases.

Throw away the smartphone or at least save on the battery usage by buying one of these Antique-like Compact Mirrors from Junvun.

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Detailed information about Antique-Like Compact Mirror

They come in four different designs; two in gold and two in silver coloring. The designs look like they could have been made for the Russian Royal Family of two hundred years ago. The patterns are so colorful and intricate that you would expect them to cost a small fortune. Instead, they cost very little considering the amount of work that has gone into their design and manufacture.

So why should you buy this particular mirror for your loved one? It looks sophisticated and vintage on the outside, has two different mirrors on the inside but most importantly each mirror is lovingly made with care, passion and real artisan skill.


This is a sophisticated looking compact makeup mirror to suit any woman

There are four different designs; two in silver and two in gold colors

There is a full 100% no quibble money back guarantee

Incorporates a magnifying mirror and a regular plane mirror