The Beauty Treatments That Are Worth Your Money Even When You’re Broke!

When it comes to looking good at any time of the day, perhaps you are dedicated to it. In other words, you would not be caught dead without at least of foundation or eyeliner upon stepping out of the house, let alone a bit of lipstick to add some pop to your facial features.

That said, although you love wearing makeup, the hassle of putting it on every day can be tiring. Especially if you have to wake up an extra hour or two early just to apply it, over time you might get sick of it and you might wish for an easier solution. Little might you know that there are beauty treatments out there to make your life simpler, so that you do not have to continuously put on makeup every day. Although it can be costly (especially on a less-than-stellar budget), the time saved over the years will be worth it.

Our article will give you some top beauty treatments that are actually worth your money…even when you are broke! We will highlight the best ones and give you the breakdown of each, so that you can determine what to do—let’s get started!

7 Beauty treatments that are worth every penny

1. Gel manicures

gel manicures

You might be the type to go to the nail salon for manicures every week for a stylish manicure to make you feel pampered. However, it can get really tedious when your manicure starts to fade, in other words, the paint begins to chip off and you are left with partly-gone, unattractive painted nails. That said, having a gel manicure in place of a regular one might cost a bit more, but it helps preserve the manicure in the longer run. Expect it to last a couple weeks longer than a normal one, all the while protecting the nail underneath.

2. Permanent tattoos for makeup

Artistic tattoos are one thing, but a makeup tattoo is another. This especially applies to eyebrows and eyeline wearers, who tend to constantly draw on their eyebrows or put on eyeliner on a daily basis. Especially if you are tired of doing it every day, consider getting permanent eyebrows or eyeliner tattooed onto your face. They save the hassle of doing makeup, thus allowing you to roll out of bed every morning right before having to head out to work. They last about one to three years, which is enough to not worry about applying makeup by hand.

3. Eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions

If you are insecure about your thin, short eyelashes, you might want to consider eyelash extensions. After all, no amount of mascara or time spent curling those natural lashes is enough to satisfy you; investing in a more professional technique such as eyelash extensions is the way to go, so you can then find pleasure in relishing those mile-long lashes for the world to see. Bat away, girl!

4. Anti-Frizz treatments

While you might have come around to accept, even love, your curls, you are still peeved by the sheer amount of frizz whenever you are in a humid environment or step out after a shower. You have tried taming it with haircuts, hair ties, and even hair gel, but to no success. With that said, it is a good idea to pay a bit more and invest in anti-frizz treatments, whether professional or with home-care products. Although it does require some chemicals to tame that crazy hair, it is sure to eliminate frizz, and all the while retain the lovely, natural curls on your head.

5. Laser hair removal

laser hair removal

Especially if you tend to have a lot of hair growing on certain parts of your body that you do not necessarily desire (e.g. upper lip, chest, stomach, etc.), then looking into laser hair removal is the way to go. Sure, it can be extremely costly, but it certain cuts expenses than if you were to continuously shave or wax your body every few weeks or months. Laser hair removal can last for a year or more, so shelling out the big bucks for this treatment can be beneficial in the long run.

6. Eyebrow tinting

eyebrow tinting

If you are someone who has fair eyebrows that appear almost non-existent, then it might be a good idea to fill them in using eyebrow tinting. Many people who have light eyebrows can see the advantages of doing so, as eyebrows (when visible) can add character to the expressions that you project of yourself. However, it is important to find the right shade or tint that you would like to use, as a too-dark one might not suit your aesthetics—that said, finding a balanced gradient is the best solution to a pair of lovely brows.

7. Double eyelid surgery

For people who have natural single eyelids, they might desire to have double eyelid surgery. While we personally believe that everyone looks beautiful regardless of having either single or double eyelids based on societal standards of beauty, some people who want double eyelids might want them for the reason that they can put on eyeliner and have it show more apparently. It is common practice among Asians and Asian-Americans do get such surgery for aesthetics’ sake. Compared to other types of surgery, it is not as costly, but of course, it is necessary to step back and really consider if it is something that you need or want.

Overall, beauty treatments can be beneficial for you, especially if you are really into cosmetics and other methods of staying good-looking. However, it is essential to note that you should not be pressured into getting such treatments (let alone spending a lot of money) if you are not completely comfortable with it, or just want to appeal to societal standards. Your decision should be 100% yours, and it is with that that you can make your beauty treatment experience worth it in the long run, to enjoy in the years to come.

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