Bourbon Lip Balm

Have you noticed how the majority of lip balm brands have a flavor that is often sickly sweet and really overpowering? Often the flavors of lip balm are geared more towards a woman or teenage girl which of course leaves the man in your life without a suitable lip balm.

Don’t you wish that the flavor was geared more to an adult’s palate rather than a child’s? If you or someone you know thinks that this description is valid for them then why not consider buying some of the “Bourbon Lip Balm” from the Little Flower Soap Company.

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Detailed information about Bourbon Lip Balm

Many of you will recognize some or all these ingredients as items that have good healing properties for the skin, but did you know that zinc oxide is antibacterial and has sun blocking properties? This lip balm is ideal for the man in your family who would rather not use ‘sickly cherry’ or ‘sweet orange’ flavored lip balm, instead, they will enjoy a Bourbon Single Malt Whiskey.

The Bourbon Whiskey Flavoured Lip Balm is a great stocking stuffer for a husband, brother, father or grandfather. Can you imagine one of the men in your life sitting around with friends and comparing notes on their latest Bourbon or a new cigar?


This product tastes like real bourbon on the lips and moisturizes the skin as well

Much better for men to use than to use a fruit flavored Chap Stick

Contains many natural ingredients noted for helping to moisturize the skin

It will last for anywhere up to six months