A Guide to a Perfect Gift Box (For Both Him and Her)

The holidays are here, and it is time to get serious about shopping for everyone on your shopping list! It can be hard to figure out what to get for everyone, especially if you’ve got a long list to cross off! Are you currently slowly getting more stressed out as you struggle to think up the perfect gifts for everyone? Don’t!

A great gift idea for anyone is the perfect packed and wrapped gift box. Filled with all sorts of fun gifts, gift boxes are a great way to really wow anyone on your shopping list! From premade boxes, to ones you put together yourself (which in our opinion are way better and more personal!) you have a lot of options when it comes to gift boxes.

Are you wondering how to put together the perfect gift box? Wonder no more! We have come up with our complete guide to the perfect gift box- for both him and her!

Christmas shopping will be a breeze once you know what to get everyone- and these boxes are the perfect place to start!

The Guide to a Perfect Gift Box For Her

Let’s start out with the ladies! Whether it is your mom, your wife, sister, girlfriend, or close friend, you can come up with the perfect gift box that she will be sure to absolutely love. Let’s start with the contents, followed by how to wrap and present it!

What goes inside

Spa essentials: Perfect for any gift box! This could be some nice lotions, shower gels, and of course, face masks. These are incredibly popular these days (especially the paper masks that you use once). Throw a few of those in for a perfect girl’s night in!


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Something sweet: What gift box would be complete without something sweet? This could be something like chocolate, or baked goods, or even a sweet liquid treat like hot chocolate.


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Jewelry: You can’t go wrong with jewelry! Consider including a nice piece that is personalized – say a nameplate necklace that has her name on it (those are very popular these days) or a charm bracelet with the first charm on it. A little sparkle never hurt anybody!

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Get cozy: A nice pair of fuzzy socks is a great addition to a gift box and is sure to be well loved and used during the cold winter months.

fuzzy socks

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Makeup: You’ve got tons of choices here, but consider getting some of her favorite products and including in here. This could be for her face, or her favorite nail polish as well. Consider getting her the items she rarely buys herself, it will be a real treat for her!

DIY: Consider adding in a DIY element to really make this a sweet, personal gift box. This could be a handwritten note, or perhaps a framed picture of the two of you.

Gift card(s): This is a great way to finish off a gift box, as it allows her to then go out and get something on her own. Because you are combining this with other gifts, it doesn’t feel impersonal like gift cards can sometimes feel, and trust us, she can use the gift card as an excuse to go out with friends or family and make a day out of it- she’ll have a great time!

How to wrap it

Now that you’ve got your items, what to do with them? They need to be wrapped! While you could take the easy route and place all the items in a box and just wrap the outer box, we think you should take it one step further! Instead, wrap each individual item separately and then combine them all in a nice box that can then also be wrapped. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Get a few different types of wrapping paper to add some variation to the wrapping – but make sure they go together! You could go with an ombre theme, for example, and get a few different types of paper that are the same color, just various shades (say a mid tone, lighter version, and darker version.) Also consider wrapping some items in tissue paper instead of wrapping paper- it can give a nice, feminine look as long as you are careful not to rip it!

Instead of using traditional bows, consider getting some ribbon (or even string) and tying each of the presents in a unique way. You could do either a cross design, or do a few lines in the same direction to mix it up.


Get some filler! This is a great way to really make the gift box feel more fun and festive. This could be shredded paper, confetti, or for the really girly girl, throw in some glitter! This will make the box look much more complete and simply put, it’s fun!

Search the house for decorations: Sometimes the best decorations are the ones you find around the house. Some old ribbon might make for a great tie, or a scarf could be used to wrap something- just make sure it’s something the person won’t mind you using!

Make the box itself useful: Once you’ve wrapped all your individual items and gotten your decorations, you need to assemble them in your box! First of all, it doesn’t even need to be a box (but it can be). Consider placing these items in something that she could use again- perhaps a decorative box that she could then use for placing flowers, or storing stationary. Or, get a bag that she could then use as a travel bag for holding her makeup or other toiletries. That gives her one more gift, and it will make the gift look even nicer!

The Guide to a Perfect Gift Box For Him

Now it is on to the men! It is time to switch gears to the perfect gift boxes for your husband, father, brother, or nephew! Let’s dive in.

What goes inside

Consider making it a theme: What is his favorite hobby, or profession? Does he love cars? Hunting? Sports? You can stay specific to one idea and get plenty of gifts to complete your gift box. This is perfect for the guy that has very specific interests. Stick with what you know he loves! Here are some specific ideas to get you thinking:

Food: Always include some food in your gift box! Think ‘rugged’ items like beef jerky, or even BBQ sauce if he likes to grill. Things like jerky or slim jims are also good if he likes to go hunting or hiking, as it is easy to pack and eat on the go!

bbq sauce set

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Event tickets: Surprise him with tickets to see his favorite sports team or band! This is a great item to include in his gift box that you know he will absolutely love and give him memories that will last a lifetime.

Swag: Get him some swag for his favorite sports team! This could be a new jersey, a baseball hat, or a new hoodie he can wear out in the yard. Perfect for the guy who loves representing his favorite team.


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The Swiss Army Knife: Every guy needs one, so if he doesn’t have one, add one to his gift box! Or even if he does have one, maybe it is time for an upgrade? These knives are pretty useful with all the various components, and it makes for a great addition to any box.

Watch: The one accessory almost all men will agree to wearing (and enjoy wearing) is a watch! Useful as well as cool looking, it is a great gift idea to add to a gift box. Consider upgrading his current watch, or get him a new band to wear if he has a smartwatch or fitness watch.

tommy hilfigher

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Lottery tickets: A great final addition to any gift box are lotto tickets- in particular the scratch off tickets! These are tons of fun, and even if you don’t win any money, you can enjoy scratching them off and the brief excitement that comes with it. This is also perfect for guys of all ages!

How to wrap it

Now that you’ve got all your items, let’s wrap them up in his gift box!

We still recommend that you should wrap each item individually – it makes it much more exciting instead of just unwrapping one big box, he’ll get to unwrap each item, both large and small! Consider getting crafty and using things like magazines or newspaper to wrap the gifts- it isn’t about being cheap, it actually looks really cool! Is he a fan of comics? Use the comics section and he’ll have something to read before he opens each gift!

Consider using items like bungee cords or shoe laces to wrap up your gifts – things that are useful! Bows and ribbons aren’t as appreciated when it comes to the guys, but you can still get creative with your wrapping, and we think using items he could then use elsewhere is a great, creative idea!

wrapping gift for men

Include a written note: Guys may act like they are all tough, but they appreciate sentimental gifts as well! Consider including a note with your gift box that either explains the items or maybe talk about some reasons you are thankful for him, or maybe list some things he’s done you are proud of- they like getting a compliment every now and then!

Think sturdy with your container. Guys always seem to need more storage for various projects they work on- so why not wrap your gifts up in something they can then use out in the garage, in the shed, or out fishing!

Wrapping Up

Gift boxes are a great way to show the special man or woman in your life how much you care! With several gifts to open, it makes for an exciting gift that they will certainly love and appreciate. No matter who you are shopping for, you can put together the perfect gift box, just follow this guide!

What items would you like to find in a gift box for yourself? Let us know- and Happy Holidays!

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