ZENS Travel Tea Sets – Glass Kung Fu Tea Pot with Portable Case

Tea is one of the most loved beverages all over the world. Just like the world of wine, the world of tea can feel a bit intimidating for someone who doesn’t get the craze.

This is because tea lovers truly enjoy their tea, and to them, tea is not just tea. It has to brewed or infused to their liking, and it has to be the right tea.

In short, what we are saying is that this bunch can be picky sometimes, and you might have a daunting task getting a tea related gift they will actually like and put into use.

The good thing is that tea lovers love having their drink anytime and to them anytime is tea time. With this in mind, we might have found just the right gift to give to the tea lover in your life. And that gift is none other than the ZENS travel tea set.

This product will be a great gift for a traveler who is constantly on the road and is also obsessed with tea. It is the most convenient way for any tea enthusiast to enjoy a cup of tea anywhere.

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Detailed information about ZENS Travel Tea Sets – Glass Kung Fu Tea Pot with Portable Case

This is an all in one design product which consists of food grade parts. All the included parts are detachable and easy to assemble.

The set consists of a 1pc lid, an upper glass teapot, a silicone tea maker which includes a steel ball and a steel filter.

You will also find a double glass teacup and a portable case in this travel tea set. Perfect for any traveler in your life!


All in one tea set

Ideal for daily use

Features a stylish modern design

Made of food grade materials

Lightweight and portable

Ideal gift for housewarming, birthdays, weddings and holidays