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Unicorn Bath Bomb With Surprise Necklace

Like adults, kids love finding surprises in things they don’t expect. As long as the gift is attractive to them and it is something they can use, then they will be impressed. On this note, have you thought of giving your child a surprise with another surprise attached?

This is what they get with this Unicorn bath bomb that has a secret surprise inside. The unique bath time in the tub will reveal a gift they will not be expecting. It can be a lovely gift as a token of appreciation for helping out in the house and doing well in school.

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First, kids love bubble baths. These moments give them an opportunity for them to shower and play at the same time. If yours are like this, then you may want to stock up on bath bombs. They make bathing exciting and help them interact with you or siblings. This bath bomb with a surprise inside will make every minute in the tub worthwhile.

As the bath bomb fizzes out, it will reveal the hidden rainbow unicorn necklace. This will be a lovely surprise for them and not only do they enjoy a great bath time but also leave the tub with a special gift. The bath bomb can seem like a simple gift for them but what lies inside will surely do the trick.