Twenty Plus Disney Mickey Mouse Stud Earrings

Many girls and even adult women adore the cuteness of Disney’s Mickey Mouse ears. This item is a stylish and sophisticated version of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears made from cubic zirconia stones on a pair of elegant sterling silver stud earrings.

The zirconia crystals have a refractive index almost identical to that of real diamonds so they will sparkle in their 925 sterling silver earring stud mounts. The studs from Twenty Plus provides a lovely gift suitable for girls and women for their birthday, Christmas, graduation, Valentine’s Day or vacation to a Disney theme park.

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Detailed information about Twenty Plus Disney Mickey Mouse Stud Earrings

Each stud has a large circle with two smaller circles fitted to give the appearance of the Mickey Mouse ears. The measurements of the face and ears are 0.35” x 0.3” (9mm x 8mm). They also weigh approximately 2.6g each.


These are really stylish and sophisticated zirconia and sterling silver ear studs

The crystals come in four different colors

These are perfect for formal wear as well as casual wear

Perfect for any girl or woman who is a fan of Disney characters


The ear studs are sensitive to corrosion and damage by water, sweat and physical knocks