The Regal Wrap Velvet Headwrap

This ready to wear headwrap is the perfect accessory to your wardrobe. It comes in several colors and can be worn in a multitude of ways, dressed up or dressed down this chic headwrap goes with you anywhere.

This stylish accessory is as easy to wear as it is beautiful. It arrives pre-tied and it simply slips easily over the hair. It can be used over an updo or with some of the hair down, with the knot on the top, on the side behind the ear, or even at the nape of the neck.

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Detailed information about The Regal Wrap Velvet Headwrap

There are no strict rules for wearing this product, and the Regal Wrap headwrap fits all women, all ages, all races, all of the time. Be aware, however, this headwrap is made to fit 21 to 23-inch head circumferences, and due to the fitted and stretchy nature of the product, it will not work well over weaves or a heavy wig.

This it is available in seven rich and vibrant colors: Apatite, Chrysophase, Moldavite, Peridot, Ruby, and Sapphire. It is constructed of a stretch velvet that allows for a snug fit over the head.


Pre-tied, no fuss or muss, just slip it on just like a hat

Soft stretchy velvet won’t damage or break hair

Looks beautiful on of all races, ages, and creeds