Game of Thrones ‘The North Remembers’ Shirt

Game of Thrones 8 came to an end on HBO marking the end of an era. It’s a bittersweet time for the fans of GOT, and they can only hope that soon George R.R. Martin will come up with another intriguing book.

Meanwhile, we have to keep the Thrones spirit alive, and one of the best ways to do is to bless or surprise a Westeros adept in your life with a memorable GOT themed merchandise.

If they watched this HBO show, then they must be familiar with all the wrongful acts committed against the North. These are the things the North remembers like the beheading of Ned, Bolton Betrayal, Red wedding, and lots of other unforgettable things.

And so, the Northerners, just to let their enemies know that they will never forget, they let them now that revenge is coming, because well, the North remembers.

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Detailed information about Game of Thrones ‘The North Remembers’ Shirt

Inspired by the insanely famous HBO show, Game of Thrones, this t-shirt will make an excellent gift for a fan in your life.

It is made from ringspun cotton and as expected, this fabric is not only lightweight, but also very soft. Thus, the tee is incredibly comfortable to wear and has a nice soft feeling on the skin.

And to emphasize how comfortable this t-shirt is, it has a tear away tag, which with a quick pull, it comes off right away.

So, the lucky recipient gets to wear and enjoy that nice comfy tag-less feel.


Available in different sizes

Fits as expected

Made of a soft and comfortable fabric