The “Great Taster” 20 Jar Preserve Sampler

There are so many different types of fruit preserves available to buy that often the ordinary person is just not sure which flavor they will like and which they will not like. That is where a sampler pack such as the “Great Taster 20 Jar Preserve Sampler” from Josephine’s Feast comes into its own.

It is basically a box containing twenty ‘smaller than regular’ glass jars (they all contain 2oz of preserve) filled with a selection of delicious Artisan Fruit Preserves. Some of the flavors included in the box are strawberry, banana, rhubarb, plum, blueberry, grape, apple and gingerbread, pumpkin, citrus, pear, peach and many more including such unusual varieties as Red Hot Pepper Jam, Onion preserve and strawberry and pink champagne jam.

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Detailed information about The “Great Taster” 20 Jar Preserve Sampler

This collection of samplers displays the best of the season’s fruit and preserves and highlights the traditional art and skills of the Artisan preserve maker. This sampler features some preserves best used for breakfast, some for adding to cheese and crackers, some pepper jams to spread onto toast and marmalades to assist with cocktail mixing.

This is an ideal gift for your parents, your grown-up kids or your spouse. Anyone who really enjoys artisan jams, marmalades and preserves will love this sampler collection. Give it as a gift for Christmas or as a birthday gift. It is also suitable for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a hostess gift or maybe even as a special treat for you.



This is a wonderfully delicious collection of artisan-made preserves

Each preserve is contained within a 2oz glass jar so the recipient can choose which preserve they really enjoy

Made with many different fruits combining flavours you may not have tried before