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The Art of Disney: The Golden Age (1937-1961) Card Book

The Disney Corporation has been making family entertainment since the 1920s, firstly by hand-drawn cartoons, then in the 1960s with live animals and actors and now with computer-generated images. Whichever type of Disney movie you were brought up with, the name Disney is almost synonymous with hand drawn and painted cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarves, and One Hundred and one Dalmatians. But have you ever wondered about the skill involved in drawing and painting all those wonderful characters, drawing them correctly every time and best of all making them move?

“The Art of Disney: The Golden Age (1937 to 1961)” brought to you by the Disney Corporation is a collection of postcard-sized prints ranging from conceptual art, some of them never before seen, right up to final frames from many of Disney’s superbly animated films.

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Firstly, when we say these are postcard sized pictures, we mean exactly that. The reverse of the pictures shows that these are really true postcards complete with space for an address and a predefined area for a postage stamp.

On the reverse of the picture is a small area that tells the reader which movie the scene came from and whether it is concept art, story sketch, cleanup animation drawing, the name of the artist and whether the medium was ink, colored pencil, paint etc.

So what do you actually get for your money? Out of the 100 cards in the set, 91 are taken from ten of the major cartoon movies and 9 are from nine minor short cartoon movies. Luckily the cards from the major movies are already arranged in sequence chronologically.


This card book contains 100 pieces of artwork from 19 different cartoons, some feature-length and some cartoon shorts

This is a fantastic gift for any Disney enthusiast that can be enjoyed again and again

The card book is a very inexpensive way to have an archive of Disney artwork