SleepCycle Pillow Case Fully Reviewed

If you were to ask most people, they would tell you that they love sleeping. As much as we all love to sleep, sleep is actually really healthy for us. Without sleep, our bodies will be very tired, we won’t be able to function properly, we’ll be cranky or grumpy and the list can go on. If you deprive yourself of sleep you are just hurting your own health. Speaking of sleep, most women would say they wash their face before going to bed. You wipe off and clean all the dirt and grime off including your makeup. When we wash our faces we try to clean it as much as possible, but in reality, there are still some things left behind. Our faces create oils as well as has germs and dead skin cells. When we sleep at night, all that goes into our pillow case and then back onto our face in the morning and then back again at night. What if there was a way to prevent this? Well, there is which is why we now present to you the SleepCycle Pillowcase!

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Detailed information about SleepCycle Pillow Case Fully Reviewed

So, what is the SleepCycle Pillow Case? Well, the SleepCycle Pillow Case is the first of its kind pillowcase. This is not your ordinary pillowcase. This particular one is actually capable of protecting, and making your skin look and feel better. Wait, did we just say that this pillow can help give you healthy skin? Yes, we did. Now, you might be wondering just how a pillowcase can do that but it is actually very simple. The fabric itself is treated with charged silver ion technology. The silver ion technology in the fabric actually releases a natural microbial-effect. With the effect in place, it will then reduce the presence of harmful bacteria that would be breeding on your face and/or pillow. If you were to constantly use it night after night, you will begin to see healthier, clearer, and cleaner skin on your face. SleepCycle can be used for up to 10 days before needing to be washed again. SleepCycle is made out of 100% cotton 300 count and will fit most Queen Pillows. SleepCycle's silver ions are able to get rid of 99.9% bacteria. SleepCycle can only be washed on a gentle cycle. It has also been tested on numerous different skin types and will work with any skin.