Lucky Feather Sweet 16 Gold Tone Bracelet

The Lucky Feather company has come up with the perfect way to mark a girl’s sweet 16th birthday. This beautiful Sweet 16 bracelet is sure to become a cherished keepsake for many years to come, and the symbolism behind the 16 golden beads will not be lost on her.

A girl’s sweet 16th birthday is a right of passage like no other. Starting to date, starting to drive, looking for colleges, all of these things coalesce around her 16th birthday. It is a hectic, beautiful, awe-inspiring time of her life and the lessons learned will make an indelible imprint on her for decades to come. Why not commemorate that rite of passage with this beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry.

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Detailed information about Lucky Feather Sweet 16 Gold Tone Bracelet

This wristlet is comprised of sixteen tiny beads (one to represent every wonderful and cherished year of her life) that have been dipped in gold and strung on a simple piece of cording. The cord is knotted snuggly at both ends of the string of beads, keeping them firmly in place.

The ends of the cording are threaded through a larger golden bead that is then used to cinch up both sides of the cord, making this bracelet the perfect fit for anyone regardless of their size, and it also serves to keep the bracelet securely in place without the worry of it falling off or losing the beads.


The basic cord is strung with 16 individual beads dipped in 14k gold

Has a cinch style closure for a perfect fit no matter the wrist size

The understated but trend-setting design works with any attire

Free of nickel and is hypoallergenic