How to Still Feel Pretty in Advanced Pregnancy

We’ve all heard the same thing – pregnancy is a beautiful thing, you should be proud of your body! In addition, even though we’re more than excited to meet our new bundle of joy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we still feel great about the way we look. Advanced pregnancy is one of the more difficult parts of being pregnant, especially when it comes to choosing clothes and feeling your best.

Between the emotions of being impatient to meet the latest addition to your family and feeling like you’ve never looked your worst, it can be a great opportunity to truly see the beauty not only within, but on the outside as well. If you’re looking for some ways to accentuate your best features during the later stages of being pregnant, consider these great style tips to help you still feel pretty towards the end of your third trimester.

1. The Elastic Band Trick

It’s relatively impossible to imagine buying a brand new wardrobe that you’re only going to fit into for three to four months and then have to put in storage or give away to charity. Plus, your body is surely not the same size it was in order to wear your old skinny jeans, but this doesn’t mean you need to give up and wear sweatpants all of the time.

A unique trick to help you still fit into the pants you love is to grab a comfortable elastic band (or ponytail) and attach one side of the band to the button on your jeans and the other side with the button hole. You can then attach the elastic band together so the waist of your skinnies can accommodate your growing belly.

You’ll finally have the ability to stay out of the maternity jean aisle and you can still wear your fashionable clothing from before you were pregnant.

2. Finding Maternity Clothes That Fit

A lot of expecting mothers automatically assume that maternity clothes are the bane of their existence and are unflattering and old fashioned. Luckily, that’s certainly not the case, especially with more phenomenally trendy designers coming out with their own line of maternity clothing. All you need to do is take a little bit of time to try on some clothes that are flattering to your figure because you certainly don’t want to be walking around in nightgowns for three to four months.

cute maternity clothes

Even if you don’t have the budget for a brand new wardrobe, you can easily purchase a few main articles of clothing designed for your growing belly. There’s no reason as to why you should feel guilty spending a couple hundred dollars on some clothes that will help you to feel fit, beautiful, and stylishly pregnant.

3. Pamper Yourself

No matter what you think, there’s nothing better than having someone cater to your appearance when you’re pregnant. The majority of women prefer to sit around at home, relax on the couch, and take care of their growing bodies and although this can be comforting, it doesn’t do much for how you feel about yourself.

Take an afternoon off of being an expecting mother and head to your local salon to get your hair cut, washed, and styled. You can even consider getting a few highlights if you really want to amp up your appearance. Since there’s not really much point to wearing makeup (hello, hormones!), you can at least have some work done on your hair. Trust us, it will make date night much simpler when you are able to feel stunning with no makeup, a beautiful ensemble of fashionable clothing, and a stunning hairdo.

4. Sign Up for a Maternity Shoot

The majority of us simply don’t realize how beautiful we are when we take a look in the mirror, even if our partners tell us how beautiful we are on a regular basis. There’s nothing more rewarding than having pictures to look back on to see just how stunning and glowing you are while you’re going through your pregnancy. Plus, getting ready for a maternity shoot will give you the gumption you need to get out of stretch yoga pants and big t-shirts.

maternity shoot

Another thing a lot of people don’t realize is that maternity shoots are similar to any other type of professional photo shoot, meaning the images will be touched up. Even on your worst days when you don’t feel beautiful at all, you can take a look at your stunning pictures in all of their glory and treasure these months of your pregnancy for the rest of your life.

5. Open Your Heart and Mind

When you’re pregnant there’s nothing worse than constantly reminding yourself of how you’ve gained weight or how your body looks “strange” when you sit a certain way, but it’s all unavoidable! You are sincerely an incredibly powerful woman to be able to carry another human being in your body and in all honesty, it really is one of the most jaw dropping, awe inspiring, and beautiful moments of your life.

If positive people surround you, you’re undoubtedly going to hear just how stunning you are relatively every second of every day, especially when it comes to your partner. It’s far too easy to brush these compliments off, particularly if you’re already looking at yourself in a negative light.

Take the time to open both your heart and your mind in an effort to become more accepting of the situation you’re going through. There are going to be days when you look down in the dumps, but in all honesty, you are beautiful, no matter what you are wearing or what your hair looks like.

Being pregnant is tough and until you’ve gone through it, you’ll never truly understand the toll it can have on your self-perception. There are plenty of ways you can be stylish and pregnant without sacrificing your comfort or a lot of money. All you have to do is be open to making a few changes and accepting the position that you’re in. You were beautiful before the baby and you’re beautiful now!

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