iArm – Standard Sized Gift Box

When you wrap a gift to a loved one or family member, have you ever wanted to play a trick on them and make them think they have something really useless?

If so then this “iArm – Standard Sized Gift Box” is something in which you must consider wrapping really nice gifts this Christmas. The Gift Box appears to contain a ridiculous and absolutely useless product made from clueless manufacturers.

All the sender has to do is pack they real present inside, then sit back and watch the face of the gift recipient.

The expressions will start off really excited and happy before they have unwrapped the box, then as the spoof box comes into view, the faces drop when they realize the gift could be something they have no use for at all.

Then when they open the Gift Box and see the real gift inside their faces turn to laughter when they realize they have been the butt of a harmless prank.

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Detailed information about iArm – Standard Sized Gift Box

Each box has six sides of real professional looking graphics that will have everyone laughing once the recipient has realized it is a joke. The box measures about 11.25” x 9” x 3.25”.

The text and photos on the cover of the boxes are so funny, are of absolutely awful products or useless gifts that no one would really wish to receive.

The photography, fonts, typography, design work and layout of all these boxes are so perfect that anyone will be fooled. They all look exactly like the useless products available on TV infomercials.

Even though the products seen on the boxes are so cheesy that hardly anyone would want one, the faces on some of the recipients seem like they might be disappointed when they realize the box is a gag and not real.


Good quality cardboard and professional looking photos and printing

Looks just like the real thing

Will definitely cause a laugh for everyone in the room