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Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn – 2 Gallon Red Snowflakes Tin

Food gifts are amazing, not just to foodies but to everyone simply because we all love to indulge in tasty culinary and snacks too. If you are looking for a Christmas family gift or a holiday gift for your loved ones especially the young ones, the Popcornopolis gourmet popcorn snowflakes tin should not miss in your shopping list.

This impressive assortment of popcorns is nothing but pure bliss. These are perfect for Christmas party. Popcorns have never been this delightful, and anyone who gets a taste of these tastefully assorted flavored popcorns will live to tell a story of the most delicious popcorns they have ever had.

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Detailed information about Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn – 2 Gallon Red Snowflakes Tin

The tin comes with 23oz of zebra popcorns that have the most delicious taste sensation, so gloriously sweet and unforgettable. The tin also contains 21.5oz of golden-brown caramel corn which is every chocoholic' s dream. With decadent stripes of the ever-tasty rich dark chocolate topped up with velvety mouthwatering confectioners’ chocolate, these will, without doubt, leave one yearning for more. And then there is 10.5 oz of kettle corn popcorns that is an irresistible mix of salt and sugar to create a savory crunch.

Everything in this snowflakes gallon tin is yummy with a delicious taste that will forever remain memorable. The taste is simply addictive and irresistible. Even the online reviews from people who have a taste of these delicious popcorns attest that the taste is simply heavenly and the best they have had so far.


The gallon comes with three different flavored popcorns

It’s a fun food gift for Christmas party

The popcorns come safely packaged in a resealable tin for maximum freshness