PetChatz HD & PawCall Bundle

Just like humans, pets can get lonely too! Whenever their owners are away from home, the furry friends have no other options but to entertain themselves. Now with the PetChatz HD system, all pets can keep in touch with the owners at all times!  The PawCall is the perfect accessory for any pet owner. It can be connected via BlueTooth to the PatChatz HD system and it acts as an on-call button for the pet. It can be programmed to signal the pet via lights or via dispensing treats to keep them occupied and let them know that the owner is available to chat. Now everyone can let their pets that they will be home soon.

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Detailed information about PetChatz HD & PawCall Bundle

Every pet owner obsesses over their pet's health and happiness. It is a constant struggle to be away for too long because they love them too much. The PawCall is the perfect solution to this kind of problem. It will make sure that the pets and their owners will always stay connected no matter the distance. With the PawCall, all pets will be happy even when the owner is far away because they will always feel their presence.