Personalized Martini Glass Engraved with Your Custom Text

Customized gifts are always a great way to go if you are having trouble figuring out what to get someone! They make even the simplest gift into a personalized treasure for the person receiving it. A good drinking glass is always a great gift, too! Combine the two things and you have this fun and useful Personalized Martini Glass from Glass with a Twist. Glass with a Twist is a brand that makes customized glass pieces with personalized etchings right onto the glass. This high-quality, personalized martini glass is a wonderful example of their awesome work and makes an absolutely fantastic and fun gift!

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Detailed information about Personalized Martini Glass Engraved with Your Custom Text

The company gets their glass from the well-known and high-quality company, Libbey Glass. This helps them ensure the highest quality products possible. In fact, this martini glass is actually of restaurant quality. This particular martini glass holds up to 8 ounces and stands at nearly 7 inches tall. As an added bonus, it is even super easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe!

This is a really special feature as a personalized glass because often times, when personalization is printed onto glassware, it means it won’t be dishwasher safe. However, Glass with a Twist actually uses a special type of etching that involves precise sandblasting to deeply and evenly etch the text of your desires into the glass.