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Packable Ultra Light Jacket – Outwear Blazer

This women’s ultra-light packable jacket is an excellent gift to the camper in your life. Its warm, cozy and ultra-lightweight. It can be packed into a small case or a small pouch especially for someone who is always on the go. What more, the JJMG women’s packable jacket is super stylish and fashionable.

This lightweight jacket will be a great wearable for a person who loves the outdoors like campers and travelers. It will greatly keep them warm without feeling bulky or need for additional layers of clothes. They can comfortably move around, without any limitations and still stay warm for their outdoor activities.

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Detailed information about Packable Ultra Light Jacket – Outwear Blazer

The jacket is filled with nearly 90% white duck down. This gives it the highest level of insulation and makes it exceedingly warm and super comfortable to wear. The lucky person who gets to wear this jacket will attest that it’s the warmest outwear they have had in their collection. This jacket is simply the good stuff.

This jacket retains heat pretty well and keeps the wearer super warm in the cold weather. The lightweight coat has a 100% nylon lining and shell. The nylon fabric combined with the duck down makes this outwear incredibly lightweight.

It has an outer lining that resists water so even when one walks in the rain, the jacket will not get wet. The outer lining is stitched with a water repellent thread which prevents water and moisture from seeping through the seams.


It contains 90% white duck down which makes is ultra-light and incredibly warm

It's highly compactable which makes it easy to carry around

Available in different colors and sizes

The outer lining of the jacket resists water

It’s warm, comfy and super light