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On The Road Again! RV Cooking Made Easy

When people are out and about camping, either in a tent, a mobile camper or a touring trailer, there is always the temptation to eat out in roadside diners or restaurants and even if the camping family doesn’t do that, then the choice goes to sandwiches or convenience foods. After all camping wasn’t designed for cooking properly was it?

That’s what you think!

This handy spiral bound book called ‘On the Road Again! RV Cooking Made Easy’ from CQ Products will dispel all the notions the reader ever had of not being able to eat cheaply and healthily when on the road. The book will make camping trips fun, relaxing and healthy.

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Detailed information about On The Road Again! RV Cooking Made Easy

All the delicious recipes inside this book include convenient meal plans, detailed and convenient shopping lists and the reader can be sure that every meal will be tasty and easy to prepare. This will make a lovely gift for a member of your family or maybe a good friend who loves to go camping with their family. So why not buy this as a gift for them now.

First of all there are the shopping lists. These are designed so the camper can grab the ingredients in very little time. Next come the recipes. There are five different three day camping trip meal plans, all complete menus in their own right. There are ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day that the family is on the road.


This handy recipe book provides all the information needed to feed the family and keep them satisfied and healthy while on a camping trip

It provides useful shopping lists so you can pick up the ingredients quickly and easily

The meals provide delicious sounding main dishes complete with healthy and easily made side dishes

Just what you should buy for friends or family who enjoy getting away from it all and who want to eat healthily but don’t want to pay restaurant prices for good food