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Miller Goodman FaceMaker Wooden Toy – 25 Pieces Set!

This set of “Facemaker” rubberwood blocks by Miller Goodman is certainly the kind of gift you get for the kids during Christmas or something to keep the entire family entertained when gathered together. The game is not only inspiring and original, but it’s also a combination of play and art.

The set contains 25 rubberwood blocks which when combined make various faces depicting different moods and characters. This will be the epitome of fun for kids and adults alike. This set of toys is not only entertaining and fun for the participants, but it also encourages creativity and healthy interaction.

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Detailed information about Miller Goodman FaceMaker Wooden Toy – 25 Pieces Set!

The 25 pieces will provide endless hours of unrestricted play where the players get a chance to play around with the wooden rubberwood blocks to make funny facial expressions, from angry faces, to laughing ones, sad and so many more.

Here, face emoji's come to life, and everyone gets an opportunity to create the most fitting face emoji for the day.

We love the fact that the blocks are absolutely safe even for the kids. They are made using eco-friendly wooden materials and rubberwood cubes which are hand printed using non-toxic paint.


The game is fun and encourages creativity

The set comes with 25 toy blocks for unrestricted open-ended play

The blocks can be combined to make different faces and characters

The toy blocks are made from environmentally friendly materials and non-toxic paint