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Mighty Mug

Are you someone who tends to spill things very easily? We get it, accidents happen, but there are some of us who just are cursed with being clumsy. We can’t help it. We spill coffee on us, or even accidentally knock our cup on our desk and then we have some problems to fix, and well, clean. We simply just cannot have cups, or else we have problems. But, what if there was a simple solution to this small problem? Imagine in a perfect world where there was a cup that could virtually stand still and not get knocked over in any way, no matter how hard you pushed on it? I know, it sounds silly and almost impossible. But, what if there actually was this said cup, that was not fake, but indeed actually real? Well, there is, which is why we now present to you the Mighty Mug!

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Detailed information about Mighty Mug

What is the Mighty Mug? Well, it is a stainless steel tumbler that will not fall, hence the name ‘Mighty’. The tumbler is double wall insulated and can keep any drink hot or cold and can have about 18 oz of liquid. It will keep hot drinks hot for about 6 hours, and then will keep cold drinks cold for about 12 hours. Mighty Mug sticks to surfaces utilizing a smart grip function. Even though it sticks, it does lift up naturally as any other cup does. Mighty Mug is fully BPA free as well as completely dishwasher safe. No matter the side, if you accidentally nudge or hit the Mighty Mug, it will not fall over and spill. The way it does this is by creating a vacuum seal between the surface of the mug and the surface of the table or whatever else. The vacuum seal can easily be broken simply by lifting it straight up. Another very important feature to mention is the Mighty Mug is unbreakable. It is made out of durable, crystal clear, Tritan Plastic. Mighty Mug is not a mug where you need to do an extra step such as ‘locking’ something in place or ‘pushing something in’; it is a mug that does it all for you!