Midori D-Clips Elephant

Let’s face it a paperclip is a paperclip and will always be a paperclip, no matter what anyone does, but it could be altered slightly to make it a bit more fun. That is just what this company, Midori Way, has done. They have made a paperclip that is no longer boing or ordinary, it is interesting!

This particular product shows how the paperclip wire has been used to form the likeness of an elephant. If elephants are not your thing then you can try one of the twenty-four different likenesses the company has turned their paperclips into. The list just seems to go on and includes items like the airplane as well as animal likenesses such as the dog, cat, and dolphin. Each specially designed tin has a visual clue on the lid as to the likeness of the paperclip.

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Detailed information about Midori D-Clips Elephant

This will be a welcome gift for an adult as well as a child when they open their stockings on Christmas morning and find a box of these cute little paperclips.

This is the perfect gift as a stocking stuffer on Christmas morning or will be just as good as a birthday present, congratulations on leaving school and going away to university. The recipient of this little gift will be so surprised when they unwrap the box and see lots of little animal shaped paperclips.


This is a box containing about 30 elephant shaped wire paper clips

There are twenty-four different shapes to choose from if you don’t like an elephant, but give them a go, you won’t be disappointed


The shaped paper clips are slightly smaller than regular-sized clips but they still do the job