Manual Vacuum-Mount Pencil Sharpener

Hand sharpeners can be a pain to use, and sometimes they can disappoint and leave frustrated with a blunt pencil. On the other, it can prove to be quite challenging to find an electric sharpener that will last for a while.

If this is your challenge right now or you know someone who would be happy to own a unique, reliable and extremely efficient pencil sharpener, then its time turn the hand of time back and go all manual. This manual vacuum pencil sharpener from X-ACTO KS is definitely the real deal.

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Detailed information about Manual Vacuum-Mount Pencil Sharpener

Do know a kindergarten teacher who has to sharpen lots of pencils for her pupils every day? Or do you have school going kids who need to sharpen their pencils daily? Then you don't need to overthink on the kind of gift to get for them. This pencil sharpener will be the perfect practical gift you can ever give them and here are the reasons why it should be your pick.

It's equipped with dual hardened helical cutters to ensure efficient sharpening and provide you with a pencil that has a fine point tip. The steel cutters are engineered for precision and will last longer than a standard sharpener.

It's designed with a metal construction which is guaranteed to stand and hold up well to regular and frequent use in a busy classroom and other high traffic environments. You can purchase this with confidence, and rest assured that this its product will last you for years to come.


Suctions and sharpens pencils into a smooth fine point

Easy to use, portable and convenient

Built for durability and to stand up to continuous use

Has a classic traditional look