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Little Tikes Rocking Horse

Does it not feel like it was just yesterday when your dear little baby graced the world with their presence, and now he or she is turning one?

Time really does fly by when you are having fun all while changing diapers, running on little to no sleep and just basically trying to be the best parent you can be.

All of your hard work and perseverance is so worth it because you have raised a smart and inquisitive little tike ready to explore the world with their new freedom now that they can crawl, probably walk and start to notice people and animals around them.

But since they are still too small to actually interact with an animal or you might not be too comfortable about that idea yet, why not give them the next best thing and get them this blue rocking horse from Little Tikes?

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Detailed information about Little Tikes Rocking Horse

A staple in almost every human’s childhood, the rocking horse made an appearance at least once in our lives and have been thoroughly enjoyed for years to come.

The same will be true for this awesome rocking horse that is designed to help kids learn balance and coordination, all while eliminating risks of them falling from it – the high back of the seat helps tremendously with this, while the handles provide easy grip for small hands and the low saddle gives them stability as they rock back and forth to their heart’s desire.


A cool twist to the classic rocking horse that will spark every toddler’s imagination

Perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas