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Toddler Baby Sunglasses with Straps (BPA Free)

Summer is probably one season that you have a love-hate relationship with. Obviously, it is a much-needed break from the brutal, cold and overcast winter months that just seems to never end.

And while we welcome the bright, hot sun with open arms as we lounge in the pool and have an ice cold bottle of beer, our little human might not.

Because their little eyes are new to this world and have not been exposed to too much sun, their windows to the soul are most likely sensitive to the brightness and glaring heat of our main source of daylight.

Heck, even us adults need sunglasses to protect our eyes especially when it is in the middle of the day, how much more for our kids?

Good thing Cocosand has these BPA-free sunglasses specifically designed for toddlers ages 0 to 24 months that will help shield their delicate eyes from the sun.

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Detailed information about Toddler Baby Sunglasses with Straps (BPA Free)

And because as parents we are always concerned about little stuff like accidental poisoning and the like, rest assured that these glasses are non toxic and safe for even the most sensitive of skins.

You also do not have to worry about them falling over and over again as it comes with an adjustable strap that is secured in place so you can just pop it right back up on your baby’s face when it falls down.


Non-toxic and safe for babies to use

Can be distorted without losing its shape