Leather Key Chain

Some things are tiny and simple, but as it’s said, the little things in life occupy the better part of our hearts. Nothing is too small for a gift, as long as it’s given wholeheartedly. And, most times when you need to gift your loved one, finances bring you down. But not anymore because this Custom Gifts Now keychain is affordable and packed with so much love. It is indeed a great gift for the male figures in your world, be it birthdays, father day, etc.

Made in the USA, this keychain comes in 100% genuine leather to last long. It has a unique design with engraved words on the leather top. These wordings are printed using high-quality ink to remain clear for a long time. The message in this particular keychain shows the love a wife has for her husband and how good it feels to be a dad. Is this not a lovely message for your husband?

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Detailed information about Leather Key Chain

The chain has an oval shape and measures approximately 3 inches by 2 inches. It is fitted with a round metallic ring where you can attach the keys. More to this, it leaves ample space between the leather piece and the ring to allow fitting the keys around.