Jumway – She Believed She Could, So She Did – Pink Marble Mug Set

This beautiful mug set is the perfect inspirational gift for the young lady who is graduating and moving on to bigger and better things in her life.

It is also a moving tribute to the woman who has gone on in life and defied the odds to accomplish great things.

This lovely and inspiring pink mug set from Jumway is the perfect way to pay tribute to the drive and determination that a truly successful female needs to have to thrive in the world today.

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Detailed information about Jumway – She Believed She Could, So She Did – Pink Marble Mug Set

Being a woman is never going to be easy; women have to work a little bit harder, be a little bit smarter, and dream a little bit larger.

This lovely & girly mug set is dishwasher safe and is a combination of delicate golden script and marbled high-quality ceramic done in pink and white.

The set comes with a matching cup topper, perfect for keeping the contents warm for longer periods of time.

Also included is a lovely golden-colored spoon for stirring in condiments such as sugar or cream.

The exquisite detailing on this cup is done in gold and bears the inspirational phrase “She Believed She Could, So She Did” – a phrase that means so much to women of every age.

A good strong work ethic and belief in one’s self is what it takes to navigate the world and life in general.

This message is as germane to a young graduate on the verge of taking on her future as it is for a woman who has pushed through to the next level in her work or in her personal life.


Pink marbled ceramic material with gold detailing and writing

Dishwasher safe

This set comes with cup topper and an elegant gold-colored metal spoon

Beautifully packaged and ready for gifting to that special woman