Japanese Kit Kat Sake Flavor Sweetness

Looking for a unique twist on the classic gift? Nowadays, candy is becoming one of the most popular gift items. It is a nice way of showing appreciation and it usually goes together with a bucket of flowers. It is also a good thing for the buyer because it is a simple gift, and great for the giftee too – especially if they are trying out something new for the first time. This Kit Kat set is the perfect gift for situations like that. It is not just an ordinary chocolate but it is sake flavored! That is right, it is sake flavor. The amount of alcohol is very small (about 0.8%) but it is definitely for adults only.

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Detailed information about Japanese Kit Kat Sake Flavor Sweetness

The sake flavored taste is not the only thing that makes this chocolate so unique. This chocolate is also special because it is made of white chocolate instead of the traditional milk chocolate. What really takes this to the next level is the 100% original Japanese sake used in the production. This might be a perfect gift for a birthday for adults and older people. Anyone who loves sweet things will certainly love this Kit Kat set. It comes in a unique box that is directly imported from Japan.