Partners In Crime Handcuff Necklace

This is a beautiful and inspired jewelry set that would make the ideal gift for best friends to share. This “Partners in Crime” duo with its pistol and handcuff motif is just the right fit for a couple of inseparable pals. Each half of this fun necklace set embodies perfectly the humor, camaraderie and the depth of the connection between best friends.

Through life’s ups and downs, through the thick and the thin, everyone has that special buddy who has been there for them through it all. This jewelry set is a light and witty way to celebrate that relationship together.

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Detailed information about Partners In Crime Handcuff Necklace

Lux Accessories has been a leader in the industry of fashion jewelry for over ten years and works closely with some of the nation’s largest retailers. Their consistent commitment to using only the finest materials and insisting on painstakingly detailed craftsmanship has made them a name that inspires trust.

Both engraved pendants and both of the free hanging charms are in the “partners in crime” theme, subtly different but in feeling the same.


Jewelry crafted by Lux Accessories is made with materials of the finest quality with extra attention paid to craftsmanship

Ideal best friends forever gift, one necklace for each

The necklace set comes in gold or silver