I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

Book lovers are pleasant people to be around with. They are talkative and social, and once in a while, they will describe the book they are reading. So, when it comes to gifting them you can easily grab a book you know they will totally love reading, and your gift dilemma is sorted right away. But then, a book gift for a book lover might just be too predictable. Plus, they probably have a growing collection of books piled up on their shelves anyway.

So instead of adding to their book collection this Christmas, why not think outside the box and get them something adorable and unique that still recognizes their love for books?  You don’t need to think too hard for we have a gift solution for you. This beautiful cotton canvas tote bag from T-shirt World is absolutely adorable, and it would be the perfect gift for a book lover in your life.

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Detailed information about I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

The bag is beautiful; it's classy and simple. It's what a book lover would need to carry their several books and a few other personal accessories when going somewhere quiet like the park or library to read and spend some quality time alone.

It is made from 100% cotton material which is breathable, and a comfortable material that is pretty easy to clean. It has two extremely sturdy handles which are firmly reinforced with excellent stitching. The material, the handles, and the stitching make the bag durable, and it can last for years even with day to day use.


It made of 100% cotton canvas material with firmly stitched handles

It's eco-friendly and reusable

It's durable

Its printed with an adorable caption for book lovers