Harryshell Wallet Leather Flip Case

Send out the right message and let your personality shine through your phone with the Harryshell phone case. It’s a brand product that is suitable for Grand LTE, ZTE ZMAX, ZTE ZMAX champ. ZTE WARP, ZTE Avid 916, and Grand X3.

This phone case ticks the box when it comes to qualities of a good one. It boasts a compact and stylish design that brings out each of its features elegantly. All the four corners of the case are built with high-quality TPU shell, which is soft to touch and protects the phone effectively. The material is highly absorbent and its also anti-shock.

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Detailed information about Harryshell Wallet Leather Flip Case

It will provide the phone with sufficient protection and keep it away from scratches, dust, and bumps. But that’s not all you get with this stylish phone case. It is built for functionality and to make it easy to operate your phone without any hassles.

In addition, the case has a wrist trap design which frees up your hand when you are busy without having to put your phone down. Feel free to take selfies, videos, make and receive calls, read messages or even watch a movie hands-free anywhere and do so comfortably. To add to that, the case comes with extras such as the Harryshell mini stylus to make your experience even better.


Suitable for a variety of listed phones

Designed with a wrist wrap to make it hands-free

Features a high-quality material to provide maximum protection