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Granny Bella’s Cookie Basket – 52 Gourmet Handmade Cookies

When it comes to desserts, even people who are serious about eating healthy are not immune to the call of the sweet confections when they come face to face with one – Who can blame us?

These tasty sweets are a nice little treat when you are having a bad day, celebrating a special occasion or just to simply enjoy a snack. And because everyone loves sweets, they have become a staple come Valentines day, anniversaries, birthdays and even Christmas, because why not?

And because you want to give your special someone a sweet treat that cannot be seen in the grocery stores and is extra special, we really think you should give them the Granny Bella’s Cookie Basket.

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Detailed information about Granny Bella’s Cookie Basket – 52 Gourmet Handmade Cookies

Featuring 52 gourmet cookies in seven scrumptious and special flavors that are unique to Granny Bella’s (they have their own family recipe for their cookies, so you won’t taste these anywhere else), the cookies included in this gift box are Granny Bella’s most requested cookie confections, and the best thing about it is you do not get just one, not even two, but more than five each of these on-demand edible creations!

What’s more, they even come in a sturdy and beautiful gift box that you can display along with the sweets on your party.


Delicious and aesthetically beautiful cookies made with Grandma Bella’s signature recipe

Not expensive at all