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Filet Mignon Steaks

If you have ever thought about buying your meat by mail order then you should consider trying these little beauties. The ten 6oz USDA Filet Mignon Steaks from Feed the Party, come individually vacuum packed in a dry ice cooler straight to your doorstep. The Filet Mignon, or in English the Fillet Steaks are hand cut in Louisville Kentucky by the company that has been in operation since 1946.

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Detailed information about Filet Mignon Steaks

Why would you decide to buy your steaks from a mail order company? There are many reasons and one of the most important is that the consumer is able to purchase very good quality meat even if the company is based many hundreds of miles away from where they live.

Another reason is that it may not be physically possible for the consumer to visit a local supermarket to individually choose the best meat either because they are housebound or because they work long and unsociable hours.

These 6oz fillet steaks are individually wrapped and ready to go straight into your freezer until you need them or can be used straight away if you have organized a dinner party or family barbeque for the weekend. Remember too that you can purchase these for yourself and your family or you can purchase them as a gift for someone else.


Tasty and fresh

Perfect for unexpected gatherings

High-quality meat