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Dark Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies – Easter Faces

Easter is all about spreading love to the people we care for with a basket of chocolate bunny and candy. But after years of celebrating Easter, some of these customary gifts may get a bit monotonous and boring. How about you give it a sweet start with a pack of these delicious assortments of dark chocolate covered Oreo cookies by Philadelphia Candies?

Anyone who gets a taste of these sweet sandwich cookies will certainly love them, and the kids will go crazy when they see the box. Do you know a single person who is not crazy about Oreos? Now imagine a combination of these favorite cookies and dark chocolate. If this doesn’t make your taste buds tingle with anticipation, then nothing else will!

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Detailed information about Dark Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies – Easter Faces

Each pack contains 8 Oreo cookies. Out of these 8 sandwich cookies, 4 of them feature the Easter faces decorations, and the rest are not just plain, but they are fully covered with dark chocolate.

The dark chocolate as expected is rich and creamy. They come freshly baked and ready to eat. So, you can be certain that anyone who receives this sweet pack will not stop till they eat the last of them in the pack. Each piece will sweetly crumble and melt in the mouth to leave one with one of the best experience ever.


The box comes with freshly baked Oreo sandwich cookies

Four of the cookies have cute Easter face decorations

The cookies come in a gift-wrapped box with a personalized message