Frozen Color Changing LED Candles Reviewed

You would probably know that Frozen has taken the world by storm since its release. The hugely successful movie has cemented its place as a new classic for children and adults alike who are avid fans of Disney. It is safe to assume that most little kids love the characters so much that they dress up as one of them for Halloween and has their hands on every merchandise imaginable.

So it is really no surprise that if you are looking for a gift for that Frozen fanatic in your life, this Frozen themed 4 pack Color Changing LED Flameless Candle is the way to go.

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Detailed information about Frozen Color Changing LED Candles Reviewed

It does not matter if they are Team Queen Elsa and Princess Anna or Team Olaf, you can get both packs for them if you wish as they are available in both styles. This gift is especially great for kids because the candles are flameless and you do not need to worry about them knocking it over and causing an accident.

These LED flameless candles are the perfect holiday, birthday and all year round present for the Frozen fan and they will surely not sing “Let it Go” with this one.


Appropriate for kids

High quality

You get 4 LED candles in one pack!