Frog Factory Colorful Women Soft Silk Bandana Scarf

Looking to add some fun and color to the wardrobe? This women’s soft and silk bandana is a piece that everyone should own. The wonderful silk scarf is made of 100% silk and it is a great match for every season and clothing. It is 21 by 21 inches square and it is built with a natural fiber which can be felt at first touch. The color of this scarf is cute and the design is really chic. It can be washed by hand or dry clean. The scarf will surely attract attention when worn on the hair or wrapped around the head.

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Detailed information about Frog Factory Colorful Women Soft Silk Bandana Scarf

The workmanship put into producing this scarf meets all expectations. During summer a person can easily put this scarf together with some nice shades and cool earrings too. It can be used for work or social events. Anyone would appreciate a high-quality product with stylish features like this one.