Empowered by Maya J Brave Bracelet

Just about all women want to look beautiful but only part of the beauty is on the outside. By far the majority comes from the inner strength that every person has if only they will allow themselves to show it. This ability comes from inner strength, honesty and many other qualities that lie inside every woman just waiting to be set free. This is called empowerment and this product from MAYA J is called only that, “EMPOWERED”.

The Empowered range of bracelets is made from solid brass and plated in white or yellow gold to prevent discoloration of skin and corrosion of the metal when in contact with sweat. The bracelet is made from small link chains with 0.25” x 0.25” letters (also plated with gold).

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Detailed information about Empowered by Maya J Brave Bracelet

These will make a welcome and empowering gift for the girl or woman in your life. Not only will they be welcome at Christmas and birthdays but will also be appropriate to give at Graduation ceremonies, to celebrate the first job, to celebrate a first boyfriend or girlfriend. One or many of these bracelets will also be suitable to give to someone who has just broken up a relationship and need something to boost their confidence.

This range of bracelets is intended to be worn and gifted so that the love, positivity, and strength spread from person to person. The words are meant to empower, inspire and celebrate being a woman.


Lovely solid brass bracelets covered in gold plate

There are six different inspirational words in the range

The words are there to celebrate women and to share the qualities that make a woman beautiful