Desired Cart – I Drink and I Know Things Beer Glass

It can be quite a challenge trying to hit one bird with one stone while gifting. This means trying to get a gift that will match with two or more interests of the recipient. When it gets to this point, the best one can do to combine the most common hobbies or interests to get a suitable gift.

If they love Game of Thrones and enjoy beer, why not get them this customized beer glass. It comes with a Game of Thrones engraving and is the perfect glass for beer moments in the evening. The glass can be an ideal gift for a friend birthday, promotion, graduation, or any other special day.

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Detailed information about Desired Cart – I Drink and I Know Things Beer Glass

The engraving that comes with the glass will feel unique to the recipient, and they will for sure enjoy using it. There is an option to choose a phrase or quote from Game of Thrones to have it on the glass. The glass is made of a premium quality material to hold up well for a long time. It is easy to clean and retains the quality over time.

It can also be used to enjoy other cold drinks. It has a capacity of 17 ounces which is pretty large to enjoy a drink with friends. The glass engraving is designed to stay on even after using it many times and washing. It comes with a bonus gift which is the Hand of the Kind beer opener. This makes it extra special for the Game of Thrones fan.