Columbia Men’s Dorado Litup 10 PFG Rain Boot

If there was ever a company that knows outdoor clothing and equipment it is Columbia. They have consistently set the standard for quality in the outdoor gear industry.

They know how unforgiving the elements can be and they know how to suit-up an outdoor enthusiast accordingly.

This set of Dorado Litup PFG (performance fishing gear) boots may be the best pair of fishing boots on the market today.

The durable boot is made with vulcanized rubber that is meant to hold up to the wettest elements and to keep water on the outside of the boot where it belongs.

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Detailed information about Columbia Men’s Dorado Litup 10 PFG Rain Boot

Whether for use fishing - where there is of course water everywhere, or maybe duck hunting in the sodden marshes, or even deer hunting in low-lying swampy areas, this boot from Columbia is indispensable and will keep feet dry, warm and comfortable for hours.

The Dorado Litup boot is offered in men's sizes 7 to 15 and is available in full and half sizes. This boot comes in two classic colors; Tobacco/Peppercorn and Silver Grey/Blue Chill.

The upper portion of this boot features a unique fold-down collar and is reliably waterproof with its vulcanized rubber outer.


Completely waterproof and perfect for many outdoor sporting activities
Vulcanized rubber that makes for extremely durable footwear in all situations
Great for fishing, duck hunting, or deer hunting
Choice of two colors