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Brouk & Co. Travel Cord Roll

With technology creeping into our lives more and more, probably all of us find we have far too many charging cables, earbuds and USB adapters floating around. Usually, they all end up at the bottom of our bags and pockets tangled into a spaghetti-like mess. The big problem with this is when we come to want to use one of those indispensable cords and cables, we have to spend (or should we say waste) many valuable seconds or even minutes untangling the cables.

This is where the Travel Cord Roll from Brouk & Co comes into its own. It is a simple piece of faux leather with enough pockets and tabs to keep up to eight cables, two plugs and various small knick-knacks such as a pen or an emergency pair of reading glasses safe and separated so there is no chance of tangling.

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Detailed information about Brouk & Co. Travel Cord Roll

This would be a really useful gift for the person in your life who needs to keep all the device cords and cables tidy and separate at home, school and if travelling with work.

It would be a gift suitable for your grown-up kids, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend and could be given at Christmas, birthdays, when buying a new phone or tablet device, or just because you are sick of seeing all the tangled cables lying around the house or office.


This cable tidy roll is so useful it will keep up to eight separate device cables untangled. If there are more than eight that need tidying then just buy two cable rolls

So handy when keeping cables tidy at home, at school, the office or when travelling

You can even keep a pen or an emergency pair of reading glasses safely in the roll