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If you were to survey most people, most would say that they have multiple things near their beds. For some, it may be books, tablets, headphones, or glasses. For others, it may be a fan, chargers, clock or something else. We all have that something; that thing we need to have with us. The thing is, most of us have more things than our nightstand can handle. It eventually gets all cluttered up and you then have to remove certain things. What if you wanted to have your nightstand closer to you? Like instead of in the corner, it could be right next to you? Well, it is kind of hard to do unless you move your nightstand, right? Well, if you want something that can help you with these problems, look no further! You need the Bedshelfie!

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What is the Bedshelfie? The Bedshelife is not a bed, but it is a shelf for your bed. It is a rather simple shelf that you can attach to the side of your bed. Really that is all it is. The Bedshelfie comes in two different sizes; the regular or the plus size. The regular is big enough to hold a 13-inch MacBook while the plus is big enough to hold a 15-inch Macbook. Each size though can hold up to 15 pounds. Given that it holds that much weight, you would have to think it has some sort of safety feature, right? Yes. yes, it does. It is secured in place by using a specially made clamp inside the box. Setting up is very easy to do as well. All you do is open up the box and place the Bedshelfie on the side of your bed; no tools, no mess, no long list of instructions. It was designed for the easy-minded and simple-life people. Each Bedshelfie is made and engineered by hand piece by piece and is made out of super high-quality Bamboo. One of the cool things about the Bedshelfie is that it has also been featured on Business Insider, Country Living, and even Tech Insider!