Basketball Wall Art Mural Removable Wall Stickers

If you have a person in your household who is a basketball enthusiast it is only natural that they will want to decorate their bedroom, den or man cave with decals of their favorite sport. The main problems with sticking things onto the wall of a newly decorated room are that unless the images are chosen wisely the motif can look very cheap and poor quality also the wall could suffer damage when the decals need to come off again.

What is really needed is a set of removable decals that look good and add style to the wall and room in which they are to be used. That is where the “Basketball Wall Art Mural Removable Wall Stickers” come into their own. They are sold by Home Wing and are made from PVC and are embossed to give an almost 3D effect so that they look stylish and good quality.

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Detailed information about Basketball Wall Art Mural Removable Wall Stickers

They can be applied to any smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, furniture, ceramic tiles, and glass as well as any other smooth surface that can be found around the home, office, schoolroom or sports club. They are so easy to use as well; just remove the decal backing and apply the PVC directly to the surface. You don’t need any tools so application is suitable for anyone, kids included. The person who decides to add these basketball decals to the wall can really let their creativity go to town.

For those of you who don’t particularly like this silhouette image, the same company produces nine different PVC decal themes ranging from Pokémon to Dinosaurs.


Made from embossed PVC for an almost 3D effect

These will stick to any smooth surface such as a wall, glass or a door

They are easily applied to the surface and just as easily removed

The decals can be removed without causing damage to the surface