Apple Watch Series 5

Here is a great gift for anyone who is all about technology. The new Series 5 Apple Watch does everything that a smartwatch should do plus so much more.

Need a GPS? Maybe a little incentive to get up and get going? Or maybe a way to live stream the big game? This new Apple watch has all of that in spades!

This attractive Apple Series 5 smartwatch is perfect for tracking important daily physical goals and events such as meetings.

From electrical sensors that monitor heart rate to monitoring levels of daily activity, the Apple watch has it covered.

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Detailed information about Apple Watch Series 5

This item also keeps a record of different fitness and physical activity markers and goals such as steps taken, heart rate, and levels climbed.

What’s more, this product actually reminds the wearer to get up and move if they have been idle for too long a period of time.

The Apple Series 5 can also track other important physical parameters such as a woman's monthly cycle; no more trying to remember to jot dates down on a calendar. All a woman needs to know is right there on her wrist.

The Apple Series 5 watch also has an “always-on” retina display, so the time is always visible. Gone are the days of needing an extra hand to push a button to get the time.

Additionally, with this item, a person can answer their phone from their watch as well as send and receive text messages.


Always on retina display means no more needing two hands just to check the time
Apple pay capable

Tracks physical activity and encourages movement when a body is static too long


Answer the phone and send texts directly from the watch