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Wizarding World Harry Potter Exclusive Light-Up

Another item from the world of Harry Potter that any collector will absolutely need to have. Here we have the TriWizard Champions cup from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. The cup that when bewitched by Voldemort became the portkey responsible for transporting Harry and Cedric Diggory to the very cemetery where Voldemort awaited the final ingredient necessary to bring about his reentry into the wizarding world – Harry’s blood.

Of course, his first act upon his arrival was to have poor Cedric taken care of with the unforgivable killing curse. Some wizards just never change! But Harry triumphed in the end, of course.

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Detailed information about Wizarding World Harry Potter Exclusive Light-Up

The base of this very realistic replica of the TriWizard Champion Cup actually lights up with an azure glow, which is powered by four AAA batteries that are included with the product. This piece of movie memorabilia is adorned with three very detailed and angry looking dragons encircling the rim of the cup with their mouths agape as if ready to spew fire at any moment.

Four dragons on the cup in total, possibly representing the four dragons that the TriWizard Champions from each house had to defeat in order to progress in the TriWizard Championship competition. The word “TriWizard” is engraved between the dragons on the clear portion of the cup, and to finish things up in Potter style, there is a fourth dragon curled up around the base. This wizarding world champions Cup stands 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide, very close to the original used in the movie.

  • Set on a realistic glowing base that is battery powered
  • Extremely detailed and made of durable plastic
  • Perfect for any fan of the boy wizard, Harry Potter series