Vera Bradley Iconic Large Travel Duffel

Overnight duffle bags are always useful to have especially if the owner travels a lot with work or for recreation. Rather than loading up the car with suitcases, it is so much easier to have one or two soft overnight bags that can be packed into the car’s trunk or put on the bag seat.

Likewise traveling on aircraft is always fraught with problems if your luggage is in the hold. Suitcases can get squashed and damaged or sometimes even lost if your baggage isn’t with you as a carry-on bag.

Bags that are already made with carry-on compliant dimensions in mind are always an advantage as you know from the start that if you can get everything into it, then you don’t have to worry about depositing suitcases.

It also means that when you get to your destination, you don’t have to wait at the luggage carousel, you can grab your hand baggage and go.

The Vera Bradley duffel is the stylish carry-on compliant duffel bag for you or someone you know who is always traveling.

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Detailed information about Vera Bradley Iconic Large Travel Duffel

The duffel measures 11.5” high x 22” wide x 11.5” deep and has a 15” strap drop. The large handles mean that the carrier can either hold the bag like a regular hand carry or throw it over the shoulder for hands-free use if you are holding your passport and boarding card. though the bag’s contents are zippered closed, the bag has one zippered outside pocket, a charger pocket, and three slip pockets so that you can easily get to your boarding pass, a wallet, reading material, and a few snacks.

There is one zippered pocket and three elastic mesh pockets so that you can separate out cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry, and other similar items.


Twenty-four different designs so you can take your pick

Folds flat when not in use

Holds up to 49L capacity