Love Chocolate Covered Oreos Box

Valentine’s and chocolates go hand in hand. We sincerely believe the whole world gives and receives more chocolate on this day more than any other. In fact, we are not here to stop you from giving these delectable treats – in fact, we encourage you to give the best chocolate you can on that beautiful day celebrating love.

We urge you to make the day a little sweeter with the Love Chocolate Covered Oreos Gift Box by Golden State Fruit.

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Detailed information about Love Chocolate Covered Oreos Box

With a dozen Oreos covered in different colored chocolate in the recognizable color scheme of Valentines, red, white and brown, you can never go wrong giving this as a Valentine gift by itself or to accompany your flowers or other gifts you are planning to give your special someone.

The beloved Oreos are covered in either delicious dark, white and milk chocolate and are great to snack on with a glass of cold milk, just like how Oreos are enjoyed around the world.


The box contains a dozen chocolate covered Oreos, so it is perfect for sharing or eating alone

Beautifully decorated and perfect for the occasion

Not your usual chocolate, as they are Oreos covered in milk, dark and white chocolate

A great combination when you are looking for something new and unique